Saturday, November 7, 2015

Our Mission

In fall of this year, 2011, Dr. Bruce Van Cleave saw fit to require 31,000 employees of the Aurora Healthcare network to be vaccinated with the much controversial flu vaccine and to the degree of risking employment for not doing so. This policy, although claiming to leave room for exemptions, has made it fairly clear that if not vaccinated by December 31, 2011 you will more than likely lose your employment. We already have confirmed cases of people who have filed for a religious exemption and meet the stated needs to qualify for this according to company policy and Aurora has taken it upon themselves in this case to 'interpret' their version of religion to deny these particular cases. Clearly this is a civil rights violations and is taken very seriously with in the court system and has been a staple in America culture to protect someone. We take the right of people to decide for themselves whether they want to inject themselves very seriously and so should you. Research all across the board has been very alarming as to the so-called benefits and downfalls of vaccines as many who work in the healthcare system are already aware. In this article from WISN it is fairly clear in this report they instead to force this upon all employees at the cost of their employment:

According to Aurora's own website:

"As an integral part of our wellness program, Aurora requires all caregivers to receive the annual flu vaccination as a condition of employment. This helps to ensure that we are doing all we can to help our patients and each other live well, and to protect everyone's health and safety.This policy applies to all Aurora personnel, including caregivers, employed physicians, volunteers, all contracted personnel, and students and trainees in any setting. There is an exception process for those caregivers with a nationally accepted, documented, medical contraindication or religious belief."

Many employees already know this is not the case but unfortunately we haven't had a voice until now. Our group comprised of healthcare workers like yourself are joining together to have power in numbers and express our rights as not only stated in Aurora's own policy but also in the US Constitution.

Please join us and help us to protect your rights, and your HEALTH!

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